Types Of Sessions

The Five Benefits…

Through periodic meetings that fit your schedule, or scheduled phone calls should you be unable to meet (and for those men who live out of the Atlanta area), we will work on these five areas of benefit to you:

  • A one-on-one relationship where all issues discussed are held in strict confidentiality. Whatever we talk about is never shared or discussed with anyone else.

  • Realistic solutions and strategies so you can balance your personal, spiritual, and professional life.

  • Encouragement and support to make important mid-course corrections in your life that you want to make.

  • Regular readings and articles for discussion in your areas of interest to help to educate and formulate your worldview and convictions..

  • Insight and understanding into your unique giftedness and passions, so that you can effectively "give back" to society, adding value to the lives of others.

To Men

My committed to men might best be summed up under four words, which can be remembered by the acronym, LACE.

  • LISTEN to hear your hopes and aspirations, and the challenges you are facing, all held with strict confidentiality.
  • ADVISE you realistically, sharing my ideas, taking into account all the factors involved.
  • CANDOR speaking truthfully to you, without criticizing or berating you.
  • ENCOURAGEMENT encouraging and challenging you to do more than you would do on your own.

The Cost

I've come to believe that anything that has value costs us something. As the men that I work with work hard for their income, by the same token, I am committed to work diligently in serving them. I want the men that I work with to give enough that it matters. The issue of financial support is generally covered early on in the process of working together.